March 2014

Tell me about the month of March.

March 2014 - Tarot

Reviewing the February spread, I can say that the Three of Pentacles was the most accurate card. I start a part-time job on Monday after applying and interviewing through the month of February.

Seven of Hearts – Illusion

A woman borne aloft on the wings of fantasy reaches for seven pulsating, colorful hearts. This is the magical world of imagination. This card can symbolize many things such as fulfilling dreams and having choices but also temptation, delusion and entrapment.

Two of Pentacles – Change

Two pentacles are linked by an infinity loop, representing the duality of opposites. On each side wriggles a snake, the symbol of rebirth and regeneration. At this time of year, the winter quarter concludes and the spring begins. The Two of Pentacles tells me that this shift may dominate the first part of the month.

Six of Pentacles – Generosity

From the amphora held by the Earth goddess, comes a stream of jewels. There are no pretensions or deceptions here. To give is to receive. The question is: am I the giver or the receiver of the wealth shown here?

Ten of Wands – Oppression

Deep in the bowels of the Earth, a man struggles with his burden alone. He is weighed down by his task, overworked and exhausted. This month I have not only my classes and homework but also my job to attend to. I may need some time to adjust to the increased workload.

Prince of Wands – Ambition

The ambitious Prince of Wands rides off into the unknown. He is a pioneer eager to advance his own goals. This is a little tricky. This card also appeared in my New Year’s spread where I believed it represented my father and my move to university. Furthermore, my father has been helping with tuition. Does this card represent his influence? Or this a completely new individual in my life. One of my earlier spreads did indicate that I would enter a relationship with a Prince of Wands type.


The key to this spread revolves around the Seven of Hearts. It functions as the fulcrum to the column and row. It balances the two pentacles and balances the two wands. Pentacles and wands appearing together imply my career, because they represent ambition and material reward. The appearance of the Seven of Hearts though warns that I need to keep my priorities straight. I think this spread tells of an increased workload due to the job; however I will not be solely dependent on outside generosity anymore.

Tarot Reading

Recently, J.J. posted a piece about reading Tarot for parties. Parties are without doubt the most stressful environment to perform the art. Noise, commotion and chaos abound. The clients jostle in line impatient for their turn. As for privacy, forget about it.

In this instance, I was not the tarot reader. I was the client. My school held a Mardi-Gras celebration with musicians, circus performers, face painters, caricaturists, and of course fortune tellers in attendance. Well, one fortune teller to be exact. Curious about the style of a fellow reader I jumped in line.

I found that the other students held some misconceptions about Tarot. I reassured one couple that of course they could have a reading together. Tarot is about conversation and insight. Others thought that their fortune had to be kept secret from companions which of course is false.(I mean, sure, if one wants to…)

I also studied the Tarot reader herself, Therese. Naturally, she donned the full gypsy getup for the Mardi Gras party. Tarot readings focus on performance at such events. I noticed though that she used a rather complex spread: a twelve month spread. I became aware that she concentrated on dialogue with her clients more than the cards. The cards were just a springboard to conversation. It’s not a style that I personally like though many clients do. I love the interaction of cards and such spreads are too busy and imprecise. One gets the sense that the reader is fishing for information, but I won’t criticize. If the goal is to entertain, then such techniques are fair game especially at parties. The more you as the reader know about the client the better the advice will be.

Finally, my turn arrived. I sat down, asked my question and shuffled the cards. I wanted to know about my career. As my followers should know, my dream is to write magazine articles. Therese first pointed out the Four of Wands among all the cards. She asked if I was a fourth year student, but I corrected this assumption. She believed that I would get a relevant job in about three to four months in the future. (I start a job next week, but it’s not a field I want to end up in.) That is seriously, seriously weird. If you refer to my New Year’s post, note that the Four of Wands also appears in my spread for this Spring.

For clarification, she drew the Two of Swords and the Three of Swords. Therese noted that this particular job may not be exactly what I’m looking for but I should definitely take it anyway. I usually wouldn’t take such an optimistic view to the appearance of these cards, but the Four of Wands was definitely dominant in the group. For some perspective on this, I would like to write for NatGeo type magazines. However, this past week I met an investigative journalist who offered to introduce me to the journalistic field. Politics are not really what I want to write about, being more interested in culture, science, and travel, but I can’t deny that it might open some doors. Therese had some misses trying to guess the exact field I wanted to write for. She was thinking medicine.

At this point, Therese diverted the focus. She directed her attention to a different group which I can’t quite remember. Unfortunately. But I do remember the Magician being dominant here. From these, she extrapolated that I had a great vision in the artistic sense. Something about profound visual acuity. BINGO. At that point I swung at my phone to show her the photos on it. I love photography and like to think that I have a pretty good eye for it. (Please refer to my other blog. All photographs are my original work.)

Finally, she returned to the original group and drew the Moon. That’s when she said something bold. She cautioned that she usually didn’t predict such things, but this job would lead me to Africa! What!? That’s a shocking prediction. But not as far-out as it would seem. I have close relatives who live in South Africa. That’s a pretty cool thing to look forward to.

The reading was pretty fun, but not as in depth as I like. But that’s perfectly alright for the circumstances. I really liked that the Four of Wands appeared in her as it did in mine. Furthermore, this reading helped me to see the bigger possibilities. Working in Africa on an assignment. Hell. Yeah.

Heaven and Hell

Tonight, there’s a big frat party being held on campus: Heaven and Hell. First of all, I’ll just say that frat parties aren’t really my thing; I don’t drink with the exception of a cocktail now and then at a classy restaurant. As you can imagine, a party devoted to drunkenness and hooking-up just doesn’t hold much appeal for me. However, I was a little bored on the romantic front. (My personality tends toward the angelic, but part of me is vain and eager for attention.) Thus I had a dilemma on my hands. Endure the debauchery and enjoy the attention, or forgo the party entirely.

So I asked the cards, “Should I attend the party?


The High Priestess and the Magician appear together, facing each other too! They are a complementary pair: yin and yang, dark and light, night and day, female and male.

On the one hand, the union of these two cards suggests confidence and readiness, a theme continued in the Two of Wands. On the other hand, the cards could suggest a far more literal union of male and female. I draw another card for clarification.

Nine of Hearts – Fulfillment

#9 Nine of HeartsThe Nine of Hearts… Well, that settled it. I decided not to go to this party. In the entire deck, this card is the most suggestive of sexual relationships. Waayy too adventurous for me at the moment. With two separate parts of the spread hinting at sex, I figured this is a path best left untrod. I’m not exactly in the market for a fling, especially not in a relationship formed at a frat party.

Notice that the cards didn’t tell me anything in terms of good and bad. They only suggested a possible outcome and allowed me to determine my future for myself. In my heart, I didn’t really want to attend. Instead I will go to a more traditional social event, a dance.

Great Eights

I would suggest that the number 8 in the Tarot tells of focus and power. Confidence and self-esteem can correlate to the degree with which we can manipulate the outer world. The Eight of Pentacles and Eight of Wands depict assured women who know their craft and their path. Their attention is singular, focused. The Eight of Swords and Eight of Hearts on the other hand tell of hesitance. Held back by inner doubts or unalterable reality, their path is not so assured. They gaze outward as if pleading for help from above. For them applies the lesson of having faith in one’s own power and being able to acknowledge limitations and letting go.

Eight of Hearts – Sacrifice

#8 Eight of HeartsAmidst a wintry landscape, a woman weeps of heartbreak and hopelessness. Her tears, like fallen leaves, fall into the frozen river below. This scene creates feelings of helplessness in the viewer; no action we take can dry this woman’s tears.

Unique amongst the cards, the Eight of Hearts depicts the act of crying which even the Three of Swords, the card of sorrow, does not contain. Why is this so? Many theories have been posited for why humans cry, but I am most convinced that weeping is the expression of helplessness. It is a social act meant to arouse empathy and draw support from others when we cannot help ourselves. In weeping, we return to the time of our infancy when we depended on others for all our needs.

Ironically, a good cry can make one feel better, as if all the stress and sadness were released with the tears. Crying signals the beginning of recovery; it is the act of “letting go” of the inner emotions which translates into letting go of real world issues, hence the sacrifice. For the Eight of Hearts reminds the reader that beneath that frozen stream, life endures. The ice and snow will melt come Spring.

Eight of Pentacles – Craftsmanship

#8 Eight of PentaclesA girl regards the brick wall she has constructed for her garden.  With patience and attention to detail, the girl has ensured the flourishing of her garden, but her attention is not directed towards the fruits but toward her labor.

The Pentacles suit as a whole speaks of work and reward. The Eight of Pentacles tells of work that in and of itself IS the reward. This card tells of someone who is planted firmly in the present and not in the past or future. This is the point where work and play seamlessly merge.

This state of perfect focus and concentration is not readily accessible. Still I know it intimately when I work long hours on jigsaw puzzles or read a classic into the dimly lit hours.

Eight of Wands – Signals

#8 Eight of WandsA young girl rubs her hands together, creating a spark that ignites the flower at her feet. From the rising smoke, emerge eight beams illuminating the way.

This card reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus. In that game, the location of the titans were concealed, but raising the sword into the sunlight generates a beam guiding the wanderer to his destiny. As the player draws closer, the beam intensifies and excitement, barely contained, mounts with the second.

The card tells you to ride forth along the opened way to meet with fate. Power divine is already within your grasp.



Eight of Swords – Indecision

#8 Eight of SwordsA woman stands erect, paralyzed, clutching a sword to her bosom as if in prayer. She is trapped within a thicket of swords. Although the tool to escape lies within her grasp, she does not act, unsure of the correct course to take.

Depicted in the Eight of Swords is another sort of helplessness. If the message of the Eight of Hearts was to let go of things beyond control, then the Eight of Swords speaks of deliberation Although the proper decision may require some time and thought, fear and doubt should not be allowed to hold one back forever. Life must go on, and faith in oneself will guide through even the densest obstacles.

Sunday, Feb-16

I literally groaned when I saw today’s cards: the Seven of Pentacles, the Eight of Pentacles, and the Prince of Pentacles.

2:16:14 Reading #1


The Seven of Pentacles tells of “work without reward.” The Eight of Pentacles tells of “work AS the reward.” And the Prince of Pentacles prances along with this lot to remind me of my responsibilities. Overall, this is a very industrious message.

…And what did I learn today? Chemistry sucks! That is all.





Weekend Post

#13 Queen of PentaclesPrincess of Hearts#13 Queen of Hearts

Wouldn’t you know it. Having just posted my treatise on the Princess cards, I have been given the perfect opportunity to work with a real-world example. On Friday Evening I asked the Tarot, “What should I know about the weekend?” For that question I drew the Queen of Pentacles, the Princess of Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts. Clearly the Princess of Hearts represented an interaction between myself, the Queen of Hearts, and the Queen of Pentacles.

As I wrote before, I often regard the Princess of Hearts as a sign of correspondence between family and friends. Belonging to the Hearts suite, this princess concerns herself mostly with relationships and emotions. Sure enough, my roommate who resembles the Queen of Pentacles in both personality and appearance invited me to have dinner with her and another friend today.

Thus, the Princess of Hearts did in fact symbolize friendly communication. (A point in favor of my theory. :-D)

Princess Presentation

With Tarot, the question of specificity comes up over and over again. Too often readings only contain generic advice that doesn’t actually suggest an appropriate action to take. So, how can you cook up meaty, helpful fortunes instead of empty fluff? This is the point where I suggest that you throw out the handbook and that keyword dictionary. For the true key is to assign meanings of your own to the cards. Create stories for the characters on the cards and apply those stories to real life.

For instance, I have designated the Princesses of my deck to be the communicators. Books, letters, speeches, meetings… This is their domain. Their appearance, then, suggests that such events may take place in the future. How did I arrive at this interpretation? Most of them are holding letters, the signs of written correspondence. So if I ask “what can I look forward to this week?” and a Princess appears, I know that writing or something similar will occupy my time.

Princess of Wands – Impulsiveness

Princess of WandsThe Princess of Wands is the storyteller of the group. She always tucks a flame shaped quill into her cap to whip out whenever a flash of inspiration hits. She is enthusiastic, adventurous, and rather spontaneous. When she appears there is a good chance that I will be writing away, conjuring up fantastic worlds from my imagination or making plans for that dream vacation.

*Creative Writing


*Making Plans


Princess of Swords – Ideas

Princess of SwordsThe Princess of Swords as a member of the Swords suite loves to learn. Here, she reviews an article on her favorite subject. For every word that she absorbs, she formulates a new idea or theory. When she appears, I may have to study for a test.




*Ideas & Theories


Princess of Hearts – Tenderness

Princess of HeartsThe sweet Princess of Hearts is a delicate, artistic soul. In her hands, she holds a poem composed by her dear partner. As she reads she is transported to worlds of emotion and fantasy. Communication with family, friends, and lovers is foretold by her.



*Personal Letters

*Love Confession


Princess of Pentacles – Practicality

Princess of PentaclesThe Princess of Pentacles however holds no letter but rather a bouquet. Direct and practical, she gazes directly out of the card as if to speak. Interviews and meetings are her concerns for she works hard and has no time for frivolous pursuits.