Daily Reading

What can I expect from today?

Tarot Daily Reading

On the one hand, I can read this very literally. My younger brother has a mental disability and therefore is the fool in every sense of the word. I depend on seclusion and meditation for grounding my mind hence the Four of Swords. The Eight of Wands can also signify a sudden release of energy. That doesn’t help me very much though.

However, let us dive a little deeper. In this spread I have one Major Arcana and two Minor Arcana. Major Arcana help orient the reading.  In the first position, I tend to interpret this as a goal or a desire. It’s place I would like to reach but certainly haven’t gotten to. The center and final card should be read in context of this goal. The center tends to imply the present while the final card can be the future, steps to take, etc.

So, I will interpret The Fool as a state of openness and optimism that I want to try to reach. However, the Four of Swords tells me that I view the world as a place filled with turmoil and thus retreat within my inner self to achieve mental stability and security. Now, the Four of Swords is represented by the element, Air, which fuels the element, Fire, for which the Wands represent. My current state will thus spark a future action. The Eight of Wands in this light is a burst of energy that will blow away the clouds that I withdraw from. It is an epiphany produced by my state of meditation.


I often get the impression that the cards have a mind of their own, their own personality. They were awfully sassy yesterday. My impression of the day’s reading, “Yo Fool, share your insights with the world.”


3 thoughts on “Daily Reading

    • It is pretty, isn’t it? I have a special attachment to this deck (Zerner Farber) as this is the first one I’ve ever owned, a gift from my parents. A little untraditional, but I know its messages by heart.

      And of course I started a Tarot blog. That was what the cards were telling me “Take the results of your meditations and communicate them.” Of course the Fool is me, the naive child starting out on their journey through Tarot, trusting in the cards.

      Damn cards…

      • XD Hey, it’s what blogging is good for, apparently! Giving you a platform of expression you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

        Although now I’m reminded that I haven’t made a non-tarot post in a while; maybe I’ll write about my method of meditation.

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