Daily Reading

What can I expect from today?

Daily Reading 10-17-13

What a pleasant spread! Without even thinking about the message, I can already tell today will be wonderful.


In a three card spread, it is important to look at what stands out. There is one Minor Arcana followed by two Major Arcana. My instinct tells me to concentrate on the Major Arcana. I also examine the elemental affiliations of the cards. The Nine of Pentacles and The Hierophant are influenced by the element, Earth, while The Star is influenced by Air. Thus, I will focus my attention on The Star.

The Star

The Star is a very positive card. In fact, I can think of no negatives when it comes to this card. This card represents joy, wonder, hope, and healing. The image depicts a girl receiving the blessed water of the universe that emerges from a lotus flower. In return, she has offered a handful of stars. For this spread, the message of giving and receiving makes the most sense.

The Hierophant

This card stands for tradition and guidance. The Hierophant is offering the wisdom of his ancestors to ensure stability. The card is an Earth element because tradition and wisdom is practical and grounds us. Some would even say that the wisdom of The Hierophant is of a divine source. In the context of the reading he is the giver.

The Nine of Pentacles

The message of this card is “Earth will provide.” Naturally, it is an Earth element. The garden is in full bloom and the young woman enjoys its fruit. She is the receiver.

The Reading

Today is a blessed day. In giving to the world you will receive its blessings. Offer your wisdom and guidance and the world will provide. However, concentrate on your offering and not your reward.


3 thoughts on “Daily Reading

  1. The Nine of Pentacles can also call to mind the idea of “creating abundance” for yourself, if you’re familiar with the new-age idea of manifesting intent. In the context of the Star, it suggests a state of spiritual and emotional fulfillment as the result of a long period of hard work. In the context of the Hierophant, it speaks of maintaining that state through self-discipline.

    It occurs to me that in the Star you have the idea of bringing “What is below, above” and in the Hierophant you have a card of bringing “What is above, below.” The Nine balances these ideas to create a positive feedback loop. As you say, your joy comes from the giving, not the receiving. Perhaps the more you give, the more you will be able to give, as abundance is manifest in your life.

    • I’m pretty sure I already fulfilled today’s reading. After I wrote my interpretation, I thought of the applications. The Nine of Pentacles reminded me of my parent’s vegetable garden, so I checked. Egads, it was completely overgrown with weeds. I just spent a couple of hours weeding in the pleasant, sweltering Florida sun. But yes, your interpretation also hit the nail on the head.

      As you probably know, the joy of gardening is not merely that you have food, but that you produced that food through your own hard work.

      • Yes, quite literally “enjoying the fruit of your labors” which is how I most often interpret the 9 of Pentacles!
        Welcome to the bloggy world, found you through Living Nexus 🙂

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