True Love

Alright I’m going to have some fun this week. My question “Who is my true love?” 😀 To answer this I will use last week’s pentagram spread.

Pentagram Spread - The Prince of Swords

The Prince of Swords

Apparently my true love is the Prince of Swords. Belonging to the suite of air and intellect, he is clever, outspoken, and philosophical. He courageously, perhaps impetuously, charges into combat with raised shield, anticipating conflict. I do admire courage and cleverness in a partner. Outspoken and impetuous though… well, luckily I am the Queen of Hearts and can sooth over whatever mess he might cause. Naturally, he is an intellectual. I would settle for nothing less.

The Ten of Pentacles

Yay, he’s rich. Let’s get married. 😀 In all seriousness, this probably means he is quite secure, material-wise, which is never a problem.

The Ace of Wands

This card doesn’t belong to fire. It is fire and all that it implies; Passion, creation, power. Fire itself is what inflames my true love and drives him onward.

The Six of Swords

The Prince of Swords and I share this card. Passage is its meaning; to journey from darkness and turbulence towards safe havens. This is my favorite card in the deck. On my other blog you will notice that I have actually written a poem called passage. Dark, romantic, hopeful, yes my true love would certainly possess this card as well.

The Eight of Hearts

Both the Prince of Swords and I have such sad cards for the Hearts suite. His is sacrifice. Mine is disappointment. Loss affects us deeply. Yet, the cards remind us that hope still exists. Spring will come after winter.

The High Priestess

As you remember, my spirit card was The Moon. The High Priestess, intuitive and wise, serves the temple of the moon. She both is guided and provides guidance.


5 thoughts on “True Love

    • Yes, I had the same reaction when I saw your post. Though, mine was posted at 11:42 AM, several hours before yours. Nevertheless, I still had a facepalm moment.

      Just wait until I post the Celtic Cross spread I did earlier when I asked “What is the path to my true love?” I had to put the cards in timeout for being sassy with me. 🙂

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