The Path to True Love

My cards certainly have personality if nothing else. They delight in teasing me and can actually be quite sassy with me. Building on the question of true love, I ask the cards, “What is the path to true love?

Celtic Cross - Path to True Love #1Celtic Cross - Path to True Love #2

The cards are laid out in the Celtic Cross pattern. However. I am not going to read it in the traditional manner. The cards have indicated that this time, I should read it otherwise. Balance is the key. (Also what is up with all these princes. I’m being swarmed. Only the Prince of Pentacles has been left out of the party.)

The Two of Hearts

This is the heart of the situation: a desire for romance and true love.

The Ten of Hearts

This card implies success and marriage. However, it forms the cross. This is actually hindering me from finding true love.

The Queen of Hearts

This is me, obviously.

The Prince of Wands

The card across from the Queen of Hearts is the Prince of Wands. There is going to be a close relationship, possibly even marriage, between me and the Fire Prince.

The Two of Swords

This card stands for balance, but it’s a tense balance. More of a truce in war than true peace.

The Hanged Man

This man is trapped and hung. His desire lies out of reach.

The Five of Pentacles

This card tells me to choose the more dangerous path. My fear is telling me to remain where there is still light and warmth but my heart is telling me that something better lies ahead.

The Prince of Hearts

Along this path I will encounter the Prince of Hearts who will perhaps guide me down a path.

The Five of Swords

However, there is the fear that I might not find what I seek.

The Prince of Swords

However, at the end of that path is my true love.

The cross tells me of a relationship I will join in with the Prince of Wands. However, the foundation of this relationship while stable is rather tense. It doesn’t feel right. I feel divided between two courses, remaining with the Prince of Wands or breaking off and searching for my true love, the Prince of Swords. The second path feels less secure but if I want to fulfill the Two of Hearts, this is the path I must follow.


5 thoughts on “The Path to True Love

    • On a more serious note, the cross here really does scream “trapped marriage.” Might be a good idea to avoid any Prince of Wands types masquerading as a Prince of Swords. Although the “staff” does remind me of another song…

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