Today I ask my cards, “What will be the circumstances of our encounter?

Circumstances of LoveWow, well… I must say my first reaction is to think of the Judgment Day. Anyways, the top card is the one answer to my question, the meeting itself. The bottom three cards detail the lead up to that event.

The Fool – Air

I drew The Fool for the top position. It speaks of new beginnings, trust and a childlike attitude.


Patience, harmony and moderation. An angel teaches a woman her art, carefully pouring the liquid into a mixture. However, this recipe takes time, attention and patience.

Nine of Wands – Fire

Discipline, strength, preparation. Preparing for opposition, a woman plants nine wands at the mouth of a gate through sheer force of will. She pauses before planting the last two wondering if this is the correct decision.

Judgment – Fire

Change, reckoning, resurrection. A herald from heaven announces the coming of judgment. A hand reaches from the material world towards the spiritual world which grows green with the promise of a new life.


This meeting with my true love will be a new beginning for me. However, the cards tell me before that event I must have discipline and patience and prepare for the great change that will sweep over my life. I must act according to the Nine of Wands. The Two Major Arcana to each side tell the nature of this preparation. I must emphasize harmony and moderation and reflect upon my path so far and prepare for the one ahead.


2 thoughts on “Encounter

    • I know. When I saw the spread I had to ask, “Am I preparing for love or for war?” Though considering my true love is the Prince of Swords, it might be the same thing. 🙂

      I use a Zerner Farber deck. I love the artwork, and it’s the best for my readings too! It was my first deck and a gift from my mother to boot.

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