Decision Spread

My readings on this subject have been pretty heavy so now I ask, “Is this the time to actively pursue a relationship?”Decision Spread - Pursue a Relationship?

When I ask a ‘Yes or No’ question, I like to use a decision spread. The top row represents the present situation. What do I hope for? What do I fear? What do I need? The second row is the outcome of the ‘Yes’ path. The third row, then, is the outcome of the ‘No’ path. For simpler decisions, I just use three cards. However, this requires some thought so I have expanded the rows to each include three cards to explore the question and outcome.

The Situation

The Two of Hearts, The Ten of Wands, The Ace of Wands

I interpret this as a desire for intimacy. I seek the energy and passion that the Ace of Wands hints at. However, I also know that relationships can be a burden on one’s soul. I desire to take some sort of action but I don’t know how to channel that.


The ‘Yes’ Path

The Queen of Swords, The Hierophant, Judgment

This seems a very heavy path to take. It tells me of many trials. It speaks of eventual happiness but the path there is one I might want to avoid. There is a person in my life who embodies the Queen of Swords. When this card comes up in my readings it is always a reference to her. And marriage for her tends to be full of difficulties. The Hierophant depicts a religious leader presiding over a marriage, but the other cards seem to suggest that I will still be alone. Judgment also recalls my previous spread, and that made me feel rather uncomfortable.


The ‘No’ Path

The Wheel of Fortune, The Empress, The Ace of Hearts

These cards seem to be telling me to wait and trust to fate. Life is a wheel and there will also come around another cycle, another opportunity. The Empress tends to imply creation, fertility, and motherhood. The Ace of Hearts tells me that the essence of love awaits.



I will follow the “No’ path. There is no sign of marriage or a partnership but perhaps that is not what I truly desire. Love is found in many places and not just with romantic partners.


5 thoughts on “Decision Spread

  1. Just looking at the patters here, it seems like the Yes row is a very cerebral path, going with what seems practical, whereas the No path is a more emotional path of following your heart, working on making yourself a better partner rather than jumping into a relationship hoping the other person will complete you.

    The appearance of the Hierophant also makes me wonder if you’ve been feeling pressured or teased by others for not having settled down yet. I know women in particular seem to face this criticism a lot.

    • Still too early for settling down. I’m only 21 after all, so that’s not really a problem.

      The intellectual vs emotional idea does ring true tough. I have a tendency to get into relationships based on an intellectual common ground rather than true emotion. At the same time I desire a more emotional relationship; But I don’t find it so I end up disappointed. More of an internal pressure than a societal pressure, I would say.

      Your interpretation of the ‘No’ path sounds about right. My cards are probably telling me that it will come, that I don’t have to force it.

      • I was actually surprised at how much the reading reflected the most common advice I see repeated in relationship advice circles, which is that you don’t need someone else to be complete, you can and should be a whole and content person BEFORE seeking out a relationship. Maybe that idea came out a little in the cards here.

        Intimacy is important, but there are a lot of benefits to being single.

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