Samhain Cross

In honor of this ancient Celtic holiday, this is the spread I will utilize. The Celts believed that on this day the world of the living and the dead intertwined. Thus for Tarot, balance between opposites is key.

Tell me about my Life.

Tell me about Birth and Death in my life.

Tell me about Light and Darkness in my life.

Samhain Spread

Life – Justice

When talking about my life, the Tarot tells me to think about justice. Justice implies the search for truth, balance, objectiveness, and neutrality. In relation to the spread, it tells me that opposites balance each other, that they are connected and different facets of the same question.

Birth – The Star

I think The Star fits for my views on birth. Mind, it is not necessarily a literal birth. Birth can also imply new beginnings or the start of a new project. The card speaks of divine grace, joy and healing.

Death – King of Hearts

This card was rather difficult to decipher. I always understand Court Cards to be persons but I doubt it refers to the death of an actual person. I contemplated whether it referred to myself, but I never interpret ‘male’ cards in that manner. Then I thought perhaps the King of Hearts is Death himself. That interpretation felt right, especially when I remembered that like the King of Hearts, Death also belongs to the element Water.

As I understand, the Tarot tells me that Death or endings is not something to fear. Death in fact can be a considerate and wise figure. The element water can bring death but it is also essential to life.

Light – Eight of Pentacles

In my life, the act of building and creating brings light into my life. Patience, craft, and skill are the highest elements of my life.

Darkness – Ten of Swords

Naturally. This is the card I most dread in my deck. Neither The Devil nor Death can rival the emotional effect of the Ten of Swords. This card speaks of ruin and loss that must be endured. Recovery will only come with the passage of time.



Seeing this spread, I am reminded that one of my birth cards is The Tower. It evokes the great ruin that the Ten of Swords implies, while also the rebuilding of the Eight of Pentacles. The Star and the King of Hearts speak of healing, emotion, and thoughtfulness. Life is a balance between these forces as Justice reminds me. However, I am not just a passive victim but the builder of my own path.



5 thoughts on “Samhain Cross

    • The direct path is easiest to find when you know the destination.

      I spend a lot of time thinking about my questions and positions before I deal a single card. For example, the center column was originally Positive, Neutral, and Negative. However, that doesn’t fit well with a discussion of Birth, Life and Death. I also wanted to show connections as well as contrast. I eventually decided on Light and Darkness instead. Day and Night would also be a good alternative.

      In that way the cycle of time that I wanted to examine would also become apparent.
      Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth.
      Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night.
      Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

      I also examine the connections the positions imply.
      Birth and Light.
      Death and Darkness.

      So even without any cards I already have a lot to talk about. I decide which position will orient my reading, in this case the center card. From there, I let the cards guide me.

  1. Always enjoy readings from you. I’ll just echo Nicole in that your style is very precise. I expected to see the Star, but your interpretation of the other cards was very interesting to read.

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