Who is the Prince of Hearts?

The Prince of Hearts has a tendency to appear in readings concerning my own life. I’ve been wondering for a while who he is and this weekend I was struck with a thought. I turned to the Tarot for clarification. They did not refute my suspicions. However, I would like to hear your opinions on this result to rule out any confirmation bias.

Who is the Prince of Hearts in my life?

Who is the Prince of Hearts

I drew the Nine of Hearts, the Five of Pentacles, and the Princess of Hearts. I also drew a card to clarify the Princess of Hearts: the Ace of Pentacles.


3 thoughts on “Who is the Prince of Hearts?

  1. Working backwards seems to work best for me when looking at other people’s cards, so I’m going to say that the Prince of Cups is someone who is intuitive and intimate, almost effeminate in that way. Their love language is probably Touch, coupled heavily with Quality Time. The Ace tells me, though, that they’re very reserved and practical with who they show this side to. While I wouldn’t say this person has trust issues, they may be very selective about who they trust.

    This may have something to do with the Five of Pentacles, suggesting money or health issues that cause them to not have the time or energy to invest in more than a few relationships. They may feel like they don’t have a lot to contribute, or their health/money hangups might cause them to be rejected in favor of other friends who are more free to go out and do stuff.

    The Nine of Hearts, though, says that they have a LOT to give. In terms of tenderness and affection they might be the best partner you’ve ever had. In terms of friendship, they are very giving with time and attention. However, they probably expect a lot in return (as the Ace might suggest, they give freely but also seek satisfaction and reward/acknowledgement for it). To the Prince of Cups, if you don’t give as good as you get, you aren’t worth their time, as a friend but especially as a love interest.

    Did that confirm your impressions?

    • Nope. 😀 The Prince of Hearts never appears as a central figure in romance or friendship readings that I do for myself. At most he is an external influence.

      When I asked this question I was more wondering “What is my relationship to him?” “What does he mean for me?” I knew he was important. When I performed the Opening of the Key this card was the unpaired one. But previous questions preclude him from being a lover. (Not to mention I hate it when my partners are too affectionate which is why the Prince of Swords or even the Prince of Wands type is a much better match.)

      Still, the Prince of Hearts is deeply connected to me. Love is very strong between us. I was terribly confused until I thought, what if the Prince of Hearts is a child.

      After all I’m the Queen of Hearts. A son of mine would be the Prince of Hearts. Then the Nine of Hearts would imply a deep desire granted. The Five of Pentacles might indicate anxiety and money troubles which is to be expected with children. Also the Princess of Hearts is often equated with tenderness and even pregnancy. However to clarify this view I drew the Ace of Pentacles, which was startling. In my notes the symbolism is very clear for this card. Earth gives birth to a jewel.

      Still, the idea of giving and demanding is even stronger with a child than with a partner. In fact that theme is central.

      • It’s true, I was mainly speaking in generalities rather than supposing an actual romantic involvement with a Prince of Hearts type. Those were just my impressions about his/its “character,” but I didn’t go so far as to explore its relationship to you specifically, which was remiss.

        Going off what you said in your other post, which illuminates the idea of the Prince further, the Princess interpreted as “message” along with the Nine denotes a “work of love” which requires much work but is rewarding in its own way. It would seem, though, that the ensuant struggle only serves to polish it to a shine.

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