Exploration Spread

I have decided to call my 3-card nonpositional spreads, “exploration spreads.” I don’t have a specific goal in mind for these. I just want to understand more about a situation. Today I ask:

What is my goal when I write?

What do I hope to accomplish with writingFirst Impressions

That’s interesting. I drew three court cards: Two kings and my personal card. Also the two kings are opposites of each other. I’m guessing that my goal is to exhibit the characteristics of these kings in myself, the queen. I also need to harmonize their personalities.

The King of Wands

This card is the leader of the fire suite. He is the embodiment of fire and action. He is wild and active and an extrovert. He is the most masculine of the kings.

The King of Hearts

This card is the leader of the water suite. In many ways he is the opposite of the King of Wands. He is controlled and passive and an introvert. He is the most feminine of the kings.

The Queen of Hearts

As always this is myself. The Queen of Hearts tends to be more submissive than the kings. However her presence at the end says that I don’t really want to change myself. It’s more that I want to display my full potential and all aspects of myself even the contradictions.


The fire and water suites are least concerned with objectiveness. It’s all about desire and emotion. They tell me that when I write my goal is expressing all aspects of myself and embracing the contradictions. This is about harmony. Still, I’d like to reach my full potential and don the mantle of leadership.


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