Before I continue any further with my readings, I think it is high-time that I introduce my Tarot deck to all of my readers. That way my followers can understand my approach and readings better.

The Approach

First of all, I work from the images. If the images weren’t important then why bother with illustrated decks. If Tarot relied solely upon the number and symbol then a regular deck of playing cards would suffice. Images create mood and subtlety. One picture is an action frozen of time. A series of pictures is a story. Positions help pinpoint a specific location in that story. However, a non positional spread by no means detracts from this story. I find them fascinating albeit difficult to interpret. The non positional spreads are the most abstract and can support a myriad of interpretations.

The Question

A good question lends the most clarity to the answer. If I want a specific answer, I ask a specific question. Sometimes though I just want to explore and will just ask “Tell me a story.”

The Symbolism

Each suit has some unalterable symbols and meanings behind it. This provides some foundation for readings especially ones without positions. I will explore these in-depth in further articles.

My Philosophy

I believe Tarot should be simple and intuitive. If a spread or interpretation requires esoteric knowledge then I tend to avoid it. I avoid the Opening Of The Key spread like the plague because I find the counting system to be asinine. Many spreads reference astrology, Hebrew tradition, Norse mythology, ect. I don’t believe in any of it so why should I bother with it. The Tarot reflects my own beliefs. If something appeals to you, use it. If not, lose it. It’s as simple as that.


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