The Suit of Pentacles

Suite of PentaclesPentacles

The traditional Tarot deck employs the coin rather than the five-pointed star. The word “pentacle” may actually derive from a middle french word that means “to hang from the neck” in reference to engraved talismans. These talismans were magical tools for wealth and protection. Unlike a wand, a pentacle is a symbol of passive power.


Pentacles in this deck often represent the desire and goals. The persons or objects imply a course of action.



The Diamond or the “Lozenge” is a shape commonly associated with the pentacle. On Italian cards the coin is depicted. On French and English playing cards the Diamond is depicted. In Neolithic art the lozenge is believed to represent female genitalia. It is a symbol of fertility and birth.


The diamond tends to depict the inner mood. It is concerned with the spirit.



Earth is also associated with this suit. Stability and fertility are the hallmarks of this element. This is the calmest and most physical of the elements. Earth is the mother of us all.


The background tends to depict the outer environment. It is concerned with external forces and influences.



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