Exploration Spread

After being away for some time, I’ll just keep it simple.

Tell me what I should know about the weekend.

IMAG1034Alright, not too difficult. Each of the cards has the common theme of choice and action or inaction.

The Eight of Swords – Indecision

This card symbolizes indecision. There is a problem to be faced but the action to take is unknown. The Eight of Swords advises me to deliberate on a course of action.

The Eight of Wands – Signals

The Eight of Wands speaks of communication before taking action. A course will be decided and the path will be clear, guided by the energy of the wands.

The Lovers – Attraction

In many decks, this card symbolizes true love. In mine, however, it symbolizes attraction and a division of attention. It speaks of being aware of your inner self and your true desires. It tells me to think of what I already possess and what I desire.

The Reading

So… I will be faced with a choice this weekend. I should be aware of myself and my desires as I deliberate the options. I should firmly choose a course and let myself be guided by my inner wisdom. It is time for tangled situations to be straightened out. Nice to know…



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