December Spread – 2013

First of all, a big thank you to JJ for inspiring this spread, although I have rearranged the card positions somewhat. In the cross below, the  column and the row represent the internal and external world respectively with the center card as the focus of the reading. Alright, here we go…

Tell me about the month of December.

December 2013The Nine of Wands – Discipline

This card speaks of preparation and willpower. Change is coming, and I need to be ready. Not only should material defenses be erected but mental ones too. I must remember that I always have power within me.

The Seven of Swords – Opposition

This card speaks of the consequences of mistakes. They inevitably come back to haunt us. Escape and evasion are futile endeavors. I have already gathered from the Nine of Wands that a storm is rolling in. But I can’t run and hide. This is a challenge I must face.

The Eight of Hearts – Sacrifice

The Eight of Hearts adds a deep emotional aspect to this story of December. When this card appears, it speaks of misapplied energies, when one gives and gives without anything  in return. It questions whether the result was worth the heartbreak. The world has been frozen, but it is important to remember that the ice will melt and the spring will return. Time will move on. Life will continue.

The Two of Pentacles – Change

Not only will my outer world change in December, my inner world will as well. Like a snake shedding its skin, I will unburden myself of the past and be resurrected. This cycle is everlasting.

The Six of Pentacles – Generosity

It’s interesting how the Eight of Hearts and Six of Pentacles both appear here. The Six of Pentacles reminds us that with generosity comes great reward to you as well. The gift is reciprocated. And an open and generous spirit has no need for secrecy or deception.



This result holds a lot of meaning for me. I had retreated from life quite some time ago in order to gain some perspective. I had given so much of myself to something that made me miserable. However, I have recovered and will resume my studies this January. I am positive that this situation is what my cards are talking about. It has been on my mind and some apprehension on my part remains. However my cards tell me that above all I must remain strong. I have the strength.

This is how I account for the column and row having such different tones. Taken by itself the middle three cards don’t seem positive. I view them as signifying the final test. The process is coming to an end. The cards are telling me that it hasn’t been easy, but I will come out better for it.



One thought on “December Spread – 2013

  1. (Sorry for this late reply! This got lost in my archive – booooo.)

    So happy that the spread gave you some insight (good luck with January!). I personally love the term “Sacrifice” to describe the Eight of Hearts – never thought to apply that keyword, but it totally make sense.

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