A New Year

I hope everybody has had a very good new year so far. I’ve been very, very busy so I haven’t been posting… well, at all lately. First of all I’ve started to do readings over e-mail which has been quite interesting. Second, I just finished moving to a new state and city. Hooray!

So, today I am going to introduce a new spread of mine: the Seasons spread. I actually completed this particular reading on my birthday which just so happens to fall near the Winter Solstice. So that’s where I’ll start. A seasons spread tells about the upcoming year. One card marks the start of the season, the solstices and equinoxes. It tells of the dominant mood or theme of the season. The second card marks the most important event of the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. A reading will start from the upcoming season and moves counter-clockwise.

Sooo… my year as shown by the cards…

Tarot 2014 - Stephanie



Winter 2014 - StephanieJustice & Prince of Wands

In Greek Mythology there existed a bloody, brutal justice system. When a crime was committed the victim’s family was obligated to seek justice so that the deceased spirit could rest in peace. An eye for an eye. Naturally this led to an endless cycle of vengeance and blood feud. This cycle, however, would be broken by the goddess, Athena, who established the court of law in Ancient Greece. Peace and order were thus restored to the land.

Justice then is a liberating force, freeing society from destructive cycles. In this reading, Justice appears to tell me that stagnation and restlessness have come to an end. I can move forward with my life and pursue my goals. With this in mind, the Prince of Wands appears. This prince is an ambitious pioneer. As an event this card can represent relocation and travel especially for business. In my case, the Prince of Wands is both a person and an event. My father who appears as the Prince of Wands in my spreads accompanied me during my move across the country and helped me move in.

My Winter is defined by movement both physically and mentally. I am physically moving and also moving forward in my life having broken out of an endless cycle.


Spring 2014 - Stephanie

Four of Wands & Queen of Pentacles

Justice, impersonal and fair, restores order to the world so that people can enjoy the fruits of harmony as shown in the Four of Wands. People are able to cooperate and build instead of trying to tear each other down. When this card appears, one should acknowledge the aid and stability offered by friends, partners, and the world in general.

Naturally, when a card about friendship and cooperation appears then a Court Card will accompany it. In the Spring, I will meet the Queen of Pentacles who will help me reach my goals and enjoy the fruits of life. This Queen is a supportive, charitable individual who is practical but fond of entertaining and forming social connections. She is the symbol of Good Fortune.


Summer 2014 - Stephanie

Four of Swords & Wheel of Fortune

If the Four of Wands indicates the completion of a major milestone, then the Four of Swords is the period of rest that comes afterward. Here, there is solitude but not loneliness for with meditation one is connected to the eternal Earth and Heaven and protected from the forces of chaos. It’s interesting that this card appears for I will likely study philosophy in the Summer.

The enigmatic Wheel of Fortune appears as well… but paired with the Four of Swords? A still and passive card is matched with a card of motion. Quite a metaphysical reading I have here. On one level the cards speak of remaining calm amid a world of turbulence and change. But the Wheel of Fortune has heavy connotations of fortune and destiny. My heart tells me that something life changing will occur here but I don’t know what. What I do know is that I should be somewhat detached. This change, opportunity, ect will come in time and I will recognize it when it comes.


Fall 2014 - Stephanie

Princess of Wands & The Sun

Whatever befalls me in the Summer, will work towards my greater good. After the stillness of the previous season, comes the energy of fire. I must act as the Princess of Wands, adventurous, charming, and enthusiastic. This is a time of inspiration and creativity that I should act upon. If the Wheel of Fortune indicates an opportunity for change, then this would be me acting upon it.

The Sun is a radiant, positive force in the Tarot. The message of the Princess of Wands is reinforced here but in a calmer, more mature manner. Life is something to look forward to.



What can I say. Looks like this year will be fulfilling and fun. This is a new start for me and new opportunities will arise.






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