February 2014

Tell me about the month of February

February 2014 Tarot

Princess of Hearts – Tenderness

A court card has finally appeared in the central position, and naturally it is the Princess of Hearts. The Queen and Princess of Hearts as my followers should very well know, represent myself. The personalities of these two are almost identical, though the Princess is more hopeful and naive. The Queen has more understanding of life’s hardships. Both are emotional and caring, and interested in the arts. (Of all the cards, I physically resemble these two the most.)

On a more fanciful note, she might be reading a poem composed by a secret lover. There is Valentine’s day after all. 🙂

The Hanged Man – Suspension

This card appeared as the central card in my January reading, so it makes sense that it appears at the top of this spread.

I will explore the iconography of the Hanged Man more in my January reading, but in short this card symbolizes the attainment of enlightenment through discipline, self-sacrifice, and suspension. It depicts the story of how Odin discovered the Runes and the power these Runes then granted him.

Note that the Princess of Hearts holds a letter. Writing granted Odin his insight and power, and I too as the Princess of Hearts will experience the magic of the written word.

Three of Pentacles – Work

Then the story is broadened. An unpretentious card, the Three of Pentacles, depicts two women returning home after a day of working in the garden. The emotion here is satisfaction at a job well done. Teamwork and restoration of order, and fulfillment are other messages. Note that compared to the Hanged Man, these women are actively changing the physical world to achieve satisfaction and order.

The Fool – Trust

Here, the Fool introduces the idea of being born anew. He explores an open, colorful world without fear, experiencing the wonders the world has to offer. The Fool is at the very beginning of a journey towards enlightenment. His world though is almost one of imagination.

Justice – Truth

The enigmatic Justice graces us with her presence yet again. In other spreads, she tends to represent karma and restoration of order. But she is paired with the Fool, a simple individual for whom law doesn’t really apply. He is an innocent with no malice or deceit in his heart.Still, the Fool is unrestrained, his morals comparable with animals. Justice may be laying down the rules for him.


A very philosophical spread. Right now, I am experiencing a journey of learning and enlightenment (I’m attending classes right now.) Still, discipline is essential to this process. I may wander the world of daydream and imagination but words must in the end by written down. It’s time to get to work.


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