January 2014

I created a Tarot spread for the month of January but I never posted it. So as January dies, and February is reborn I will post a retrospective reading.

Tell me about the month of January.

January 2014 Tarot

The Hanged Man – Suspension

A relic of ancient myth. According to Norse mythology, Odin hung himself upside down upon a tree for nine days. In that time he was given no sustenance, no food and no water. As Odin gazed into the pool of water below, the Runes revealed themselves to him.

Odin thus committed self-sacrifice to gain enlightenment. This myth also parallels the crucifixion scene. To transcend yourself, you must put yourself in a state of stillness and suffering. Only then is the “truth” of the world revealed to you. For Odin, that truth was writing, the tool to open up worlds beyond your own.

Four of Swords – Seclusion

Again the idea of enlightenment appears, this time in the Buddhist sense. The mind when properly trained can be a sanctuary against the turmoil of the outer world. There is again the sense, that one must detach from worldly concerns to achieve internal peace and a connection with the greater cosmos.

The Lovers – Attraction

At the base of the column rests the Lovers. This is a card of love and choice. The choice is between vice and virtue, lust and true love. Only by knowing the depths of my heart can I make the right decision. Here again comes this idea of self-sacrifice, to let go of fleeting physical desires in order to achieve true joy, to know truth.

Five of Pentacles – Anxiety

Polar Vortex, anyone?

In all seriousness, this card tells of troubles that create fear and anxiety. Help may seem distant. Still, one must be decisive when making difficult decisions. Fear cannot be allowed to paralyze the body. I suspect the anxieties are related to money.

The Magician – Energy

The Magician is a being of power. Through him, the world of the mind can be brought into the physical world. He has knowledge and his studies have allowed him to manipulate the world to reflect his desires.


The issue of money did come up, relating to tuition however I’m in a position to apply for jobs and I have support from my family to make it happen. As for a decisive choice, I decided to switch my major to English.

My dream job is not the most secure one, I would like to write for magazines. Nevertheless I have decided to take that risk and use my abilities to make this become reality. I feel like I had to undergo a significant trial to arrive at this conclusion but I definitely feel that I made the correct choice.


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