Celtic Cross

In today’s post, I will be analyzing one of Livingnexus’ spreads using my own deck. Tarot spreads can have multiple levels of interpretation depending on the deck used and the person doing the reading. While the Celtic cross is not a spread I favor, the messages in this reading were intriguing enough for me to have a go. I am hoping to go beyond just the first impression and truly get to the heart of the spread.

Now. Livingnexus asked, “How I should start this new year?” and obtained this result:

Celtic Cross - Living Nexus #1

Celtic Cross - Living Nexus #4

Seven of Pentacles – Frustration

A peasant toils long hours in his garden. The ground is rocky, cold, and barren. In the distance looms the possibility of snow. The man looks up, hoping to find signs of growth, only to see branches stripped of leaves and life. He is disheartened.

As the center card of the spread, the Seven of Pentacles signifies the concerns at hand. The man wanted to know if his efforts were bearing fruit and discovered that this was not the case. On the one hand, perhaps he is expecting too much too soon. Gardening is a slow process that requires much patience and perseverance. Perhaps the tree is merely dormant at this time, and will flower beautifully come spring. On the other hand, some environments will not support life no matter how much work is put in. In these cases, it’s best to cut one’s losses and seek out greener pastures.

Strength – Brave Heart

A young princess wanders into the garden of her youth to gather flowers, but weeds have overrun the once well-maintained enclosure. Nevertheless, the wild foliage possesses beauty equal to that of their domesticated brethren. Suddenly, the princess stumbles upon a raging lioness caught in the thorns. She is not afraid and uses gentle, patient force to calm and free the beast.

Following the metaphor of plants and gardening, Strength appears in the root position. The card represents the deepest aspect of the self. This is the source of strength that carries one through life and struggles. Many believe that the source of the princess’ power is love. I do not believe this is so. This garden is the untamed part of the princess’ soul; for she has not, in fact, tamed the wild beast but merely placated it with her patience and steady force.

The Tower – Crisis

A sudden bolt of lightning strikes an ancient edifice, collapsing the dome and sparking a fire. The people in the village below are left in a state of shock and anxiety. The old established order has been struck down, and no one knows what will come after.

This card appears in the crown position, representing the goal to which one is marching towards. When the Tower appears here, it signifies a desire for revolution, a drastic turn of events that will change the course of one’s life. The release of built up tension will assuredly be destructive, but out of the ashes new life can flourish.


The central trunk of the Celtic Cross is an examination of the inner self. The images here seem quite disparate but crucial links exist between them. The Seven of Pentacles highlights the central issue. Expectations are not being fulfilled. Patience and perseverance have served livingnexus relatively well, but some situations cannot be resolved with time. This may be one of them. To surrender to one’s instincts and animal nature is a frightening prospect, but there may be no other option to resolve this stagnation. Yes, stagnation is the word here. Sometimes one must set fire to their old life, remove the brush, to allow new life to flourish.

Celtic Cross - Living Nexus #2

The Magician – Energy

The Magician is an agent of power and change. With the four elements under his command, he can manipulate the physical world to resemble the fantastical one. He has knowledge and uses it to his advantage.

As the crossed card, the Magician indicates the challenge at the present, and also links the past and the future. Without learning his lesson one cannot proceed in life. He is an alchemist, able to change one element to another at will.

Six of Pentacles – Generosity

An Earth goddess carries a vessel full of jewels. She is generous, giving freely without expectation. In return, necklaces emerge from flowers showing the world giving back in return for her free nature. The generous nature has no need of deception for they do not serve their own self interest. They trust to the world to provide.

Six of Wands – Victory

A young man on horseback charges into the fray. With courage he has won the day earning renown and glory. This is a fleeting moment but one that will be remembered for eternity.


The alchemist changes one element into another, Earth into Fire. The patience and steadiness of Earth is no longer suitable for the occasion. Livingnexus has been living from generosity, but his reliance on it has led to stagnation. He must shift to become fire, the same force that burns down the ancient temple leaving room for something new to take its place. Passive receiving should be transformed into active taking. A successful transition will lead to victory.

Celtic Cross - Living Nexus #3

The Empress – Creativity

The Empress sits upon her throne, surrounded by the beautiful flowers that she has brought into being. Her desire is to see her children enjoy the bounty of the natural world. She is the incarnation of fertility and creativity, a mother.

I attribute different meanings to the staff than does Livingnexus. According to my interpretation, the Empress appeared in the advice position, meaning that Livingnexus should conduct himself as the Empress would. She is the nurturing creator which Livingnexus must aspire to. This is not about wealth but bringing beauty to the world.

The World – Culmination

A copper figure comes to life, dancing across time and space. This living statue knows her role in the cosmos and thus is in harmony with herself and the universe. Life is constantly changing and evolving, and we are but one part of a larger entity.

This position tells what one should know about themselves and it puts the advice of the previous card in context. Livingnexus, one could say,  is not aware of his purpose and the role he should be playing which is the source of his frustration. His internal and external lives have not connected.

King of Hearts – Consideration

The King of Hearts is the gentle ruler of the sea. His costume is beautifully adorned; he lives the life of an artist. He is of a quiet temperament and intuitive, so people seek out his counsel.

Interesting that the King of Hearts appears in the hopes and fears position. This card can often be paired with the final card of the staff. This position often signifies the expected outcome, whether wanted or feared. The last card in contrast is the actual outcome.

King of Pentacles – Pragmatism

The King of Pentacles has won much success through hard work and determination. He doesn’t concern himself much with intellectual or esoteric pursuits but concerns himself with more practical matters. He is fond of the outdoors but not fond of change and is rather rough in social matters.


The most striking connection between the Empress and the World is the idea of Motherhood. Earth is our mother, our home and yet we are her caretakers. There is also an idea of cycles. I would say to livingnexus that his happiness depends on entering a new stage of life. The cards tell him to act as the Empress, to give birth metaphorically to something new. Perhaps he has the idea of leading the life of an artist as indicated by the King of Hearts. However, the appearance of the King of Pentacles, the king of farming, perhaps implies that livingnexus should seek out a more pragmatic role.

One thing for sure, the life livingnexus leads now is not fulfilling. To upset his current existence might go against his more patient demeanor, however it is a necessary step. Out of ashes comes new life.

Celtic Cross - Living Nexus #4


One thought on “Celtic Cross

  1. This actually flows beautifully into the spread that I just posted. Though much simpler, a lot of the points you stated resonate. You’ve given me a lot to think about, and confirmed some of my feelings. I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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