Princess Presentation

With Tarot, the question of specificity comes up over and over again. Too often readings only contain generic advice that doesn’t actually suggest an appropriate action to take. So, how can you cook up meaty, helpful fortunes instead of empty fluff? This is the point where I suggest that you throw out the handbook and that keyword dictionary. For the true key is to assign meanings of your own to the cards. Create stories for the characters on the cards and apply those stories to real life.

For instance, I have designated the Princesses of my deck to be the communicators. Books, letters, speeches, meetings… This is their domain. Their appearance, then, suggests that such events may take place in the future. How did I arrive at this interpretation? Most of them are holding letters, the signs of written correspondence. So if I ask “what can I look forward to this week?” and a Princess appears, I know that writing or something similar will occupy my time.

Princess of Wands – Impulsiveness

Princess of WandsThe Princess of Wands is the storyteller of the group. She always tucks a flame shaped quill into her cap to whip out whenever a flash of inspiration hits. She is enthusiastic, adventurous, and rather spontaneous. When she appears there is a good chance that I will be writing away, conjuring up fantastic worlds from my imagination or making plans for that dream vacation.

*Creative Writing


*Making Plans


Princess of Swords – Ideas

Princess of SwordsThe Princess of Swords as a member of the Swords suite loves to learn. Here, she reviews an article on her favorite subject. For every word that she absorbs, she formulates a new idea or theory. When she appears, I may have to study for a test.




*Ideas & Theories


Princess of Hearts – Tenderness

Princess of HeartsThe sweet Princess of Hearts is a delicate, artistic soul. In her hands, she holds a poem composed by her dear partner. As she reads she is transported to worlds of emotion and fantasy. Communication with family, friends, and lovers is foretold by her.



*Personal Letters

*Love Confession


Princess of Pentacles – Practicality

Princess of PentaclesThe Princess of Pentacles however holds no letter but rather a bouquet. Direct and practical, she gazes directly out of the card as if to speak. Interviews and meetings are her concerns for she works hard and has no time for frivolous pursuits.







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