Weekend Post

#13 Queen of PentaclesPrincess of Hearts#13 Queen of Hearts

Wouldn’t you know it. Having just posted my treatise on the Princess cards, I have been given the perfect opportunity to work with a real-world example. On Friday Evening I asked the Tarot, “What should I know about the weekend?” For that question I drew the Queen of Pentacles, the Princess of Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts. Clearly the Princess of Hearts represented an interaction between myself, the Queen of Hearts, and the Queen of Pentacles.

As I wrote before, I often regard the Princess of Hearts as a sign of correspondence between family and friends. Belonging to the Hearts suite, this princess concerns herself mostly with relationships and emotions. Sure enough, my roommate who resembles the Queen of Pentacles in both personality and appearance invited me to have dinner with her and another friend today.

Thus, the Princess of Hearts did in fact symbolize friendly communication. (A point in favor of my theory. :-D)


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