Tarot Reading

Recently, J.J. posted a piece about reading Tarot for parties. Parties are without doubt the most stressful environment to perform the art. Noise, commotion and chaos abound. The clients jostle in line impatient for their turn. As for privacy, forget about it.

In this instance, I was not the tarot reader. I was the client. My school held a Mardi-Gras celebration with musicians, circus performers, face painters, caricaturists, and of course fortune tellers in attendance. Well, one fortune teller to be exact. Curious about the style of a fellow reader I jumped in line.

I found that the other students held some misconceptions about Tarot. I reassured one couple that of course they could have a reading together. Tarot is about conversation and insight. Others thought that their fortune had to be kept secret from companions which of course is false.(I mean, sure, if one wants to…)

I also studied the Tarot reader herself, Therese. Naturally, she donned the full gypsy getup for the Mardi Gras party. Tarot readings focus on performance at such events. I noticed though that she used a rather complex spread: a twelve month spread. I became aware that she concentrated on dialogue with her clients more than the cards. The cards were just a springboard to conversation. It’s not a style that I personally like though many clients do. I love the interaction of cards and such spreads are too busy and imprecise. One gets the sense that the reader is fishing for information, but I won’t criticize. If the goal is to entertain, then such techniques are fair game especially at parties. The more you as the reader know about the client the better the advice will be.

Finally, my turn arrived. I sat down, asked my question and shuffled the cards. I wanted to know about my career. As my followers should know, my dream is to write magazine articles. Therese first pointed out the Four of Wands among all the cards. She asked if I was a fourth year student, but I corrected this assumption. She believed that I would get a relevant job in about three to four months in the future. (I start a job next week, but it’s not a field I want to end up in.) That is seriously, seriously weird. If you refer to my New Year’s post, note that the Four of Wands also appears in my spread for this Spring.

For clarification, she drew the Two of Swords and the Three of Swords. Therese noted that this particular job may not be exactly what I’m looking for but I should definitely take it anyway. I usually wouldn’t take such an optimistic view to the appearance of these cards, but the Four of Wands was definitely dominant in the group. For some perspective on this, I would like to write for NatGeo type magazines. However, this past week I met an investigative journalist who offered to introduce me to the journalistic field. Politics are not really what I want to write about, being more interested in culture, science, and travel, but I can’t deny that it might open some doors. Therese had some misses trying to guess the exact field I wanted to write for. She was thinking medicine.

At this point, Therese diverted the focus. She directed her attention to a different group which I can’t quite remember. Unfortunately. But I do remember the Magician being dominant here. From these, she extrapolated that I had a great vision in the artistic sense. Something about profound visual acuity. BINGO. At that point I swung at my phone to show her the photos on it. I love photography and like to think that I have a pretty good eye for it. (Please refer to my other blog. All photographs are my original work.)

Finally, she returned to the original group and drew the Moon. That’s when she said something bold. She cautioned that she usually didn’t predict such things, but this job would lead me to Africa! What!? That’s a shocking prediction. But not as far-out as it would seem. I have close relatives who live in South Africa. That’s a pretty cool thing to look forward to.

The reading was pretty fun, but not as in depth as I like. But that’s perfectly alright for the circumstances. I really liked that the Four of Wands appeared in her as it did in mine. Furthermore, this reading helped me to see the bigger possibilities. Working in Africa on an assignment. Hell. Yeah.


2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading

  1. AH. I’m such a loser for not commenting on this earlier cause this post is awesome. It’s been SO long since I’ve had a reading done for me. It seems like this woman really did take her time with her clients and the reading seriously, despite the weird, extreme kind of setting (costumes, Mardi Gras, etc.).

    It seems, in general, like her reading was really positive about the career of a student rising towards career-path success. Are you a grad student or in undergrad, if you don’t mind me asking? (Just cause I recently graduated from undergrad and would love to know if there’s a fellow young adult Tarot Reader wandering aimlessly around the web.)

    • Thank you. My conversation with Therese was very interesting. It gave me a lot of food for thought not only about my prospective career and also about her job as a professional reader. I wasn’t familiar with the deck though. I just remember the designs were very stylized, like a coat of arms with roman numerals.

      I’m an undergrad, 3rd year.

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