March 2014

Tell me about the month of March.

March 2014 - Tarot

Reviewing the February spread, I can say that the Three of Pentacles was the most accurate card. I start a part-time job on Monday after applying and interviewing through the month of February.

Seven of Hearts – Illusion

A woman borne aloft on the wings of fantasy reaches for seven pulsating, colorful hearts. This is the magical world of imagination. This card can symbolize many things such as fulfilling dreams and having choices but also temptation, delusion and entrapment.

Two of Pentacles – Change

Two pentacles are linked by an infinity loop, representing the duality of opposites. On each side wriggles a snake, the symbol of rebirth and regeneration. At this time of year, the winter quarter concludes and the spring begins. The Two of Pentacles tells me that this shift may dominate the first part of the month.

Six of Pentacles – Generosity

From the amphora held by the Earth goddess, comes a stream of jewels. There are no pretensions or deceptions here. To give is to receive. The question is: am I the giver or the receiver of the wealth shown here?

Ten of Wands – Oppression

Deep in the bowels of the Earth, a man struggles with his burden alone. He is weighed down by his task, overworked and exhausted. This month I have not only my classes and homework but also my job to attend to. I may need some time to adjust to the increased workload.

Prince of Wands – Ambition

The ambitious Prince of Wands rides off into the unknown. He is a pioneer eager to advance his own goals. This is a little tricky. This card also appeared in my New Year’s spread where I believed it represented my father and my move to university. Furthermore, my father has been helping with tuition. Does this card represent his influence? Or this a completely new individual in my life. One of my earlier spreads did indicate that I would enter a relationship with a Prince of Wands type.


The key to this spread revolves around the Seven of Hearts. It functions as the fulcrum to the column and row. It balances the two pentacles and balances the two wands. Pentacles and wands appearing together imply my career, because they represent ambition and material reward. The appearance of the Seven of Hearts though warns that I need to keep my priorities straight. I think this spread tells of an increased workload due to the job; however I will not be solely dependent on outside generosity anymore.


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