May 2014

It’s finally May, and the flowers are blooming. In terms of weather, April was a rough month. It actually snowed! In terms of Tarot,  though, it wasn’t actually that exciting. My reading for April told me that I would be reading and writing about poetry, and guess what happened? I read and wrote poetry. (I also did a reading on April 1st. I should have known better…) But anyways-

Tell me about the month of May.

Tarot - May 2014

Three of Hearts – Celebration

Three dancers representing Faith, Hope, and Charity celebrate the happiness in their lives. With hearts borne aloft and a floor littered with colorful flowers and fruit, the scene glows with friendship, festivity, and love.

Ten of Wands – Oppression

Surrounded by a smoldering cloud of gloom, a lone man bears a heavy burden. Exhausted by the weight, the man seems ready to collapse, but nobody is there to help him.

The Moon – Night Journey

In a dark landscape, a young girl stands lost and alone. She gazes at the moon in fear. At that moment the moon emerges fully from the clouds to illuminate a castle and lead the girl home.

Princess of Hearts – Tenderness

The sweet, naive Princess of Hearts reads from the parchment in her hands. She smiles warmly , perhaps bashfully, at its contents. Is it a poem, a letter, or even a confession of love?

Ace of Hearts – Love

A winged, purple heart flutters out from a beautifully embossed vase.


At the heart, pardon the pun, of this reading lies the Three of Hearts, a symbol of friendship and celebration. The presence of the Princess of Hearts, Three of Hearts, and Ace of Hearts, clearly speaks about love and relationships, not romantic love but the love of a dear friend. In that context, the Ten of Wands and the Moon tell of loneliness. The man in the cave has nobody to help him, and his heart is weighed down. The Moon appears to the lost, lonely girl to show her the way home. The message of this reading is of a reprieve from loneliness and inclusion in a community.


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