July 2014

I was fairly busy in June with finals and the start of summer classes, so I never got around to publishing my monthly reading. Things have quieted down though, and I figured I ought to post my July prediction. Regarding the monthly spread, I find myself once again altering its meaning since I tend to focus on Tarot’s empowering aspect. Therefore, the column now represents goals for the month and the row represents the likely outcome.

Tell me about the month of July.


#8 Eight of Swords

July’s spread highlights the Eight of Swords as the theme of this month’s reading. A woman stands paralyzed by doubt and confusion amid amid a prison of spikes. She holds the tool to free herself, but cannot decide upon a course of action. This card is difficult to interpret without context because it both recommends and warns against surrendering to a higher power. It can also advocate both patience and action depending on the situation. However, the problem and solution come of the mind.


17 - The Star#8 Eight of Swords#2 Two of Hearts

The Star – Illumination

I don’t have access to my scanner now. 😛 However, the Star in this spread would appear at the top of the column, connecting to the spear of illumination in the Eight of Swords. The Star, in general, alludes to healing, hope, and inspiration. It’s a very tranquil and therapeutic card that often reminds me of mineral springs. (More practically, I’m recovering from a sunburn so, yeah, healing springs sound good to me.) Interestingly enough, this star appears at a very unusual time of day; this card depicts the morning not the nighttime.

Eight of Swords – Indecision

I’ll admit I have been feeling a little restless right now. It’s summer and I’m not quite sure what to do with my time. The Star informs me to just enjoy this slow period, and that I don’t have to always be doing something. Rest can be just as important as work.

Two of HeartsRomance

While I don’t have romance as one of my priorities I am feeling a little lonely with all my friends away. However, the card gives a sense of serenity and peace which pairs nicely with the Star. There is no drama between the two swans, they are content to glide across the calm surface of the water. An added note: the morning star is often equated with Venus, the goddess of romance. It can also align with Lucifer. Make of that what you will.


#13 Queen of Swords#8 Eight of Swords19 - The Sun

Queen of SwordsIndependence

Hi Mom. Don’t know what her appearance here means but we’ll see… Maybe she’ll bring about the good tidings of the Sun.

Eight of SwordsIndecision

So far, I’ve been doing to much waiting and not enough, well, doing. However the serenity of the Star tells me this will not come about from a furious burst of activity. I should be patient and good things will come.

The SunRadiance

Celestial bodies abound this month! Considering it is summer vacation, the appearance of the Sun is quite appropriate. When paired with the Eight of Swords, it tempers that card’s frustrating tendencies.


Overall, I’m rather bored and want to do something but feel limited in that regard. This month’s spread tells me to relax, things will work out, and to just appreciate the time of relaxation.


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