Medieval Times

Each week, I perform a Tarot reading for myself that I do not post online. In many ways they serve as practice sessions for “the real thing”. I have decided to post the reading for the week of July 6, 2014 because the result of that reading was too cute not to share.

#3 Three of Hearts#12 Prince of Swords#2 Two of Swords

The moment I saw the spread I had a pretty good idea of its meaning. I had purchased a ticket to the Medieval Times dinner show for July 11. Clearly the celebratory Three of Hearts and the dashing Prince of Swords referred to this event. The Two of Swords is more difficult to interpret here, but it probably signifies a truce. The battle is only a show after all, not actual combat.

So I get there with my group and guess which knight we’re assigned? Why, none other than the Blue Knight. Who perished in mortal combat. Go figure.

2014-07-11 20.32.162014-07-11 20.49.42


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