Fall Formal

Today I consulted my Tarot cards about a small dilemma. This year my university’s Fall Formal will also include an evening cruise. I really like boating and cruises, BUT I don’t have a date, and sometimes dances can be awkward for singles. Not to mention the price is a bit steep for my student budget. What else to do but leave this to fate. 😉

So I ask, Should I attend, tell me what will happen. In response, I drew the King of Wands, the Hierophant, and the Princess of Wands.

#14 King of Wands5 - The Hierophant#11 Princess of Wands

Alright, this spread makes a lot of sense, but in context is rather odd. You see, the Hierophant is presiding over a marriage! between a young man on the right and his lady on the left. Obviously, the young man correlates to the King of Wands. The woman correlates to the Princess of Wands. But the Hierophant is such a formal, uptight card! It belongs more in a Jane Austen novel than a college dance. This card connotes age and tradition after all.

Anybody who follows my page ought to know that the Princess of Wands is one of my avatars – the vivacious, opinionated one, of course. It’s an odd contrast with the demure lady on the Hierophant. The King of Wands is also the oldest member of my court deck along with the King of Pentacles.

This spread seems to suggest that I will spend time or dance with an older man. The Wands are passionate cards, but this seems more of an intellectual passion than a romantic one. A meeting of minds, per se. Also, cards of the same suite seem too alike to be romantic matches. We shall see.


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