Decision Spread

Here I present another of my decision spreads. This one however does not detail a Yes/No path. It only presents different aspects of the ‘Yes’ path. I like to use this layout when deciding upon a voluntary course of action. In these cases deciding upon the ‘No’ path will just maintain the status quo. However, the ‘Yes’ path looks very tempting and so I would like to know more about it.

The first row is nonpositional. In this row I ask the cards, “Tell me what you will of this path I am contemplating.” This provides the overall impression. The second row is Past/Present/Future. Here I ask, “What will following this path mean for my spirit?” The third row is Challenge/Advice/Outcome. In this row I ask, “What are the challenges and outcomes of this road?” This is the most practical of all the roads.

Now, for some background. I wrote a short story a while back. However, it’s been on my mind a lot and I feel that I need to expand the story to book length. Actually, it’s like a particularly persistent and annoying itch. Just one thing: I’ve never written a novel before. So here’s my question:

“Should I write this book?”

Writing a Book



o.O I’m going to take that as a ‘Yes.’ My first impression is fire and lots of it. Fitting for a question about creativity, creation, and ambition. The second impression. I don’t see a single negative card. In fact, the spread is chock-full of my favorite cards. Six of Swords, Six of Hearts, The World… Even the Prince of Hearts makes another appearance. Hmm…

Six of Wands, Prince of Hearts, The World

I’m seeing victory, glory and success here. In fact The World is the only major arcana in this spread. It speaks of fulfillment on both the spiritual and physical level. The Six of Wands speaks of victory on the more material level: A fulfillment of one’s ambition. And the Prince of Hearts returns. I’ve had a suspicion about him recently. As shown in my previous posts, I am the Queen of Hearts. Thus the Prince of Hearts, assuming the court cards stand for royal families, would be my child. In this case that child would be a work I have given birth to from my mind. The prince also represents art and emotion.

Two of Wands, Prince of Wands, King of Wands

Fire, Fire everywhere… This is the Past/Present/Future row. I think the progression of time is quite clear. Usually I interpret the court cards as actual people. However, I specifically requested that the cards represent myself. On the spiritual level this will be a time of fulfilling ambitions. The Two of Wands, the past, represents planning; the Prince of Wands, the present, is ambition; the King of Wands, the future, is dynamism. This row tells me of reaching personal fulfillment through action.

Three of Wands, Six of Swords, Six of Hearts

This is the practical challenge and outcome. Fire, Air, Water. The Three of Wands represents opportunity; the Six of Wands is a journey; the Six of Hearts is joy.  It is time to seize this opportunity and embark on that challenging mental journey. At the end of it lies joy.


Basically the cards are screaming at me, “Go for it!” There are no negatives. At the end of this lies joy. This is what you were meant for.


7 thoughts on “Decision Spread

  1. Dang, what is this theoretical book about? And yes, you should definitely consider NanoWrimo. I tried it and it wasn’t for me, but you may have better luck, especially if you’re about to hit your creative stride.

    • I won’t participate in NaNoWriMo. I’m a slow and deliberate writer. Every paragraph has to be just right before I continue. My writing is very precise. Not a good fit at all for that event.

      I’ve been thinking of diving deeper into my essay, “The Girl Who Died” and creating a story inspired by Greek Myth. I’d like to explore my idea of death and life more. Especially because the true story is so full of sad coincidences that it almost seems fictional.

      • I’m the same way with my writing, which was one of the reasons I was wary about trying NanoWrimo, but in the end it was lack of energy and motivation that ultimately made me stop. It didn’t help that I had other writing projects going on at the time. Incidentally that’s why I didn’t choose to do it this year; I already had my blog to work on. However, if I hadn’t had so much going on and had been able to properly focus on it, I think it would have been a great challenge even if I didn’t manage to complete 50k words.

        I do remember reading that short story of yours back when I first found your blog. I wouldn’t mind seeing what you could do to expand it into a proper work of fiction. Do you have a particular affection for Greek Mythology or did something inspire you recently that made you want to explore it?

      • I’ve always had a fondness for Greek literature. I took a year-long course on the subject in college.

        I also learned that her name was Sabine which has profound connections with Greek and Roman myth and has parallels with the Persephone myth.

      • I’m trying to figure it out now.

        Sabine was my mother’s language teacher when my mother lived in Germany. Sabine’s death was very shocking to the small town. The coincidences that lined up to cause the accident were so bizarre that one couldn’t help but think of fate.

        It was a very violent accident. A freight train derailed at the exact moment a passenger train passed by. Had the freight train derailed even 30 seconds sooner or later the accident would never have occurred.,1387610

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